This website has been designed to be both accessible and compatible with common adaptive technologies used by visitors with disabilities, including screen readers and screen enlarging software. To improve accessibility we have developed the website, wherever possible, in accordance with guidelines recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines.

We continue to test and modify this website against accessibility guidelines. If you would like further information about our accessibility standards or have problems accessing this website, please contact us.
[Legal: There are a number of contact details being referred to in the terms of use document as well. Please ensure that all the details provided are consistent where applicable.]

Navigating the Website

We endeavour to make sure that our website has useful content that is laid out in an easy-to-navigate way.


All contextual images used in this website incorporate brief alternate text descriptions readable by common adaptive technologies, such as screen readers (via ALT attributes). Purely decorative graphics may not incorporate such descriptions (i.e. empty ALT attributes). Complex images may include more meaningful descriptions via LONGDESC attributes or captions to explain the significance of each image to screen readers.

Browser Settings

If you want to alter the way you view this website, for instance the text size or text hyperlink colours, you can do so by using the settings in your web browser. In recent versions of Internet Explorer: [Legal: Is there any reason why only Internet Explorer is singled out? Is it due to compatibility issue? If so, can we raise it somewhere?]

To permanently apply font and colour changes:

  1. On the browser Tools menu select 'Internet Options'
  2. On the General tab, select 'Accessibility'
  3. Click on the three boxes to show ticks
  4. Click 'OK' to enlarge text
  5. On the browser Tools menu select 'Internet Options'
  6. On the General tab, select 'Accessibility'
  7. Tick the 'Ignore font sizes specified on web pages' check box
  8. Click 'OK'
  9. On the browser menu select 'View'
  10. Click 'Text size'
  11. Choose the size of text

To change text colour:

  1. On the browser Tools menu select 'Internet Options'
  2. On the General tab, select 'Colour'
  3. Deselect the 'Use Windows colours' tick box
  4. Select the box next to 'Text' and choose a colour
  5. Click 'OK'
  6. To prevent graphics and images appearing
  7. On the browser Tools menu select 'Internet Options'
  8. On the Advanced tab, scroll down to the 'Multimedia' heading
  9. Deselect the graphics options 'Animations', 'Videos', 'Pictures' and 'Images' by clicking on the boxes to remove the ticks <
  10. Click 'Apply' then 'OK'

To change the size of the window:

  1. On the browser View menu select 'Full screen' or press F11.
  2. To change the colour of links displayed on a screen
  3. On the browser Tools menu select 'Internet Options'
  4. On the General tab, select 'Accessibility'
  5. Click on 'Select ignore colours specified on Web pages' (should contain a tick)
  6. Click 'OK'
  7. Select 'General' tab and click on 'Colours'
  8. Turn off the 'Use hover colours' tick box (should not contain a tick)
  9. Select 'Visited' and choose the colour that suits you best, click 'OK'
  10. Select 'Not Visited' and choose the colour that suits you best, click 'OK'
  11. Select 'OK' for 'Colours'
  12. Select 'OK' for 'Internet Options'

[Legal: I am not in a position to comment on the above but we do need IT support to ensure that the instructions above remain updated as the versions of the browsers may have changed thus giving rise to different instructions. Also, there is nothing in this terms and conditions that state which browser is most compatible with the website.]